To improve the quality of learning and professional training and to guide the students to study with disciplines, the contents of the four-year program in Bachelor’s degree emphasize the close connections with the program in the preceding years. The 1st- and 2nd-year programs focus on the general concept in social sciences and fundamental knowledge of professional social work, while the 3rd- and 4th-year programs put more weight in the professional training and internship in social work. The elective programs are designed and focused on three major groups of courses: Family Social Work, Health & Mental Health, and Social Welfare & Management of Social Work.

  In accordance with the policy of Ministry of Education to develop uniqueness and differentiated attraction in teaching from other universities, and in consideration of the needs for future development in social work in Taiwan, the master’s program is currently designed and focused on three major groups of courses: Family Social Work, Culture Diversity & Social Work, Social Policy & Management of Social Work.

List of Courses

English-Taught Courses 

A.Cultural Diversity in the Age of Globalization: An Empowerment Perspective

B.Social Policies in East Asia

Bachelor’s program

A.Common Required Courses

B.General Education Courses cover six areas: Mankind and Culture, Literature and Arts, Society and Development, Nature and Environment, Classical Literature, and Master Lecture Series.

C.Professional Required Courses

D.Elective Courses 

Master’s Program

A.Common Required Courses

B.Core Optional Courses


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