Office of Research Development

The Office of Research Development is made up of three divisions, the research affairs division, development affairs division and evaluation affairs division, which are responsible for school development planning and evaluation; also responsible for encouraging research related and industry-academic collaboration affairs.


"Office of Research Affairs and International Cooperation” were established in 2005,based on the mission of "integrate the school’s research potential, promote internationalization and school development”. The goals are to develop a prospective research group, construct an international collaboration platform at SCU and consolidate the wide range of school development plans to promote university development and research related affairs.                                     

In August, 2012, due to the restriction of the administrative units, the office was reformed as the Office of Research Development (ORD);Evaluation Affairs Division was established in August 2013.The three divisions are responsible for school development planning and evaluation in order to promote research, industry-academia collaboration. The objectives are to "develop a prospective research team”, "establish an academic and administrative quality assurance policy” and "consolidate the wide range of school development plans” with the hope that the office employees will work together to improve school development, research potential and quality assurance policy of Soochow University. 



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Room A213, 2F, the Wang Memorial Hall, Waishuangxi Campus

Address: 70, Linhsi Road, Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan 111, R.O.C.

Tel :+886- 2-28819471 ext. 5201~5203 

Fax:+886- 2-2882-1522


* For further information, please contact Ms. Chun-Jung Wu (extension 5202).





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