Office of Military Instruction 〈Security  center〉
        Service for you 24hr
Call 110 or 119 if there are criminal cases and heavy casualties.
    Besides 110 or 119, relay the cases to the Campus Security Center : Wai Shuang Hsi Campus hotline: 886-2-28817734 Mobile:886-910270050

Campus emergency telephone extension: 5555

Downtown Campus hotline: 886-2-23890952 Mobile:886-910270060

Campus emergency telephone extension: 2222

Contact  Information

1.Waishuanghsi Campus

                 Position: Grand Complex, Room B102

                Telephone:886-2-28817734 or 886-910270050

          Fax No:886-2-28801210

          E-mail Address:


2. Downtown Campus

             Position: Building Six, Room 6101
                   Telephone:886-2-23890952 or 886-910270060

                   Fax No:886-2-23890952

                   E-mail Address:






















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