Establishment Purpose:

The Department aims to develop talents with balanced thinking and experimental skills and with clear logics.


Education Objective:

The undergraduate program bases on the comprehensive learning of life science, focuses on the study of microbiology, and cultivates technology manpower with the potential for further development in different professional fields of life science. 

The graduate program builds up the skills of independent thinking and problem-solving, and hews out research abilities in biotechnology.

The PhD program helps move forward to environmental biotechnology, and aim to prepare experts in life sciences.



Soochow University already established the Department of Biology in Mainland China. Such Department was renowned worldwide, building up a number of talents. In 1954, Soochow University was rehabilitated in Taiwan. In 1960, the School of Science was restored. In 1979, the Dean of the School of Science proposed to establish the Department of Microbiology, which began to enroll students at the same year. Since then, it has been the only undergraduate program offering comprehensive education on microbiology.

In order to proceed to better education and more active research, the Department set up the graduate program in 1988 under the authorization of the Ministry of Education. It began to admit students at the same year, providing opportunities of further study to those aspiring to a career in microbiology research. During this period, it not only recruited many excellent instructors but also expanded the number of graduates and their laboratory space. In 2002, it began to prepare and apply for the establishment of PhD program. Through many years of hard work, in 2004 it officially established the PhD program under the authorization of the Ministry of Education. It began to enroll students in 2005. The PhD program uniquely features on eco-biotechnology, especially on the application of modern biological technologies to this field. At present, the Department has 248 undergraduate students, 29 graduate students, 12 full-time instructors, 12 adjunct instructors, 2 full-time secretaries, 4 full-time teaching assistants, and 1 full-time administrative assistant.


Contact Information:
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Address: Department of Microbiology in Soochow University, No.70, Linxi Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: (02)28819471 ext. 6832, 6842

FAX: (02)28831193



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