Chinese Language Center

Founded in 2013, the Chinese Language Center (CLC) is a government-recognized center by MOE for teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Northern Taiwan, offering a complete Chinese language training program. CLC is located at Feng-Ya Hall, Waishuanghsi Campus, Soochow University featured the most comfortable environment and modern facilities combined with study and living. "To transmit knowledge of Chinese culture and cultivate Chinese language skills”, CLC aims to provide professional programs for those who would like to explore Chinese language and Taiwanese culture.


Program Features

● Cultural Axis of Taipei City

  1. Imperial Palace Chinese: Cultural Experience
  2. Tourism Chinese: Development Immigrant Education
  3. Life Chinese: Immerse in the local environment 

● Confucianism and Moral Education

● Diverse Teaching Approaches


Center Program:

● Quarter Program

● Chinese Study Camp

● Customized Short-term class

● Chinese 101

● Chinese Teacher Training Program



Phone:+886-2-2881-9471 Ext 5921-5924



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