The Moral and Civil Education Center was previously known as the Life Counseling Division. The president, Professor Wei-Ta Pan, stated on March 30th, 2012 in the university president inauguration ceremony that ethics and morality cultivation is one of the important goals in the college education.  Accordingly, President Pan renamed the Life Counseling Division as "Moral and Civil Education Center” and bestowed it the great responsibility of the planning and development of moral education, with the expectation to cultivate students of Soochow University into a full grown man.

With the change of office name, in addition to maintaining the existing services such as scholarship, student grants, on-campus jobs for students, campus life assistance, etc.; the Moral and Civil Education Center initiated a series of campaign activities to promote good values and moral education.  The center hopes to shape up an environment that would be more inviting for students to embrace goodness, find joy in virtues and good deeds, and establish good characters that would benefit them for a life time.


  1. Promote moral and legal education; cultivate students’ awareness as a citizen in modern society.
  2. Attend students in their study and campus life; create a friendly environment for learning.
  3. Award outstanding performance and help the disadvantaged, create a sound assistance system to help students stay schooled.


Waishuanghsi Campus:  
Address: No. 70, Lin-hsi Rd. , Shilin, Taipei 111, Taiwan
Location: Grand Complex, 2nd floor, Room B210
Tel: (02) 2881-9471 Extension: 7102~7110
Fax: (02) 2882-7990

Downtown Campus: 
Address: No. 56, Sec. 1, Kuei-yang St., Taipei 100, Taiwan
Location: Building 6, 5th floor, Room R6503
Tel: (02) 2311-1531  Extension: 2361~2364
Fax: (02) 2381-2257


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