Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor CHIA-FANG HO Portrait of Teacher 「CHIA-FANG HO」 Doctor of Law, Osaka University Private International Law, International Civil Litigation
Associate Professor YU-TING STELLA LIN Portrait of Teacher 「YU-TING STELLA LIN」 Doctor of Law, National Taiwan University Financial Act, Payment Law, Company Act
Associate Professor LI-CHIH LIN Portrait of Teacher 「LI-CHIH  LIN」 Doctor of Law, Loyola University Chicago (U.S.A) Anglo-American Law, Intellectual Property Law
Associate Professor HUAN LIN Portrait of Teacher 「HUAN LIN」 Juris Doctor (J.D.), University of Delaware Mass Communication Law, Press Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law, Arbitration Act, Government Procurement Act
Associate Professor SHU-KAI LIN Portrait of Teacher 「SHU-KAI LIN」 Doctor of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University Criminal Law , Criminal Procedure
Associate Professor SZE-CHIE MARIETTA FA Portrait of Teacher 「SZE-CHIE MARIETTA  FA」 Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.), University of Virginia Criminology, Criminal Policy, Anglo-American Criminal Law and the Code of Criminal Procedure
Associate Professor WEN-CHING FAN Portrait of Teacher 「WEN-CHING FAN」 Doctor of Law, Georg-August-University of Goettingen Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Local Government Law
Associate Professor SHAO-WEN CHARLOTTE HU Portrait of Teacher 「SHAO-WEN CHARLOTTE HU」 Juris Doctor (J.D.), Duke University School of Law Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Securities Regulation, Financial Laws, Laws of Mergers and Acquisitions
Associate Professor SHIN-YI SERENA HUANG Portrait of Teacher 「SHIN-YI SERENA HUANG」 Juris Doctor (J.D.), Tulane University (U.S.A) Anglo-American Contract Law, Anglo-American Tort Law, Intellectual Property Law, Contract Drafting and Review
Associate Professor SHIU-FENG HUNG Portrait of Teacher 「SHIU-FENG HUNG」 Doctor of Law, University of Munich Company Act, Securities and Exchange Law, Law of Negotiable Instruments, Corporate Governance


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