Human-Rights program was established in 2004. It is the only inter-school and interdisciplinary program in Taiwan. The purpose of setting up this program is to provide basic systematic human rights education for college students that are from different backgrounds. The classes focus on both theory and actual practice. In addition to emphasize the human rights theory and critical thinking, the program also trains the students to take initiatives to be concerned of the societal injustice and the rights of disadvantaged groups in which one could actually participate in the human rights work.

Master of Human Rights Program was established in 2008. This is the only Human-Rights Master Degree offered in Taiwan. The purpose for this establishment is to deepen the education and research of human rights as well as train the professionals qualified for the Master Degree to contribute their knowledge to academia to actual field practice. Extending the curriculum planning of the Bachelor degree, the Master program also invites many extraordinary scholars and experts to join the teaching. The program recruits people from many levels of the society. Aside from college graduates, governmental staff, government officials, education workers, media workers and anyone that is dedicated to Human Rights research.

2.Contact Information:

Human Rights Office
Office: Room H205, 2F of Chesheng Building at Waishuangxi Campus
Phone: 02-2881-9471 ext. 6951
Fax; 02-2880-5650


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