Department Curriculum Structure


"Taiwan History”
includes: History of Cultivation in Qing Taiwan, Seminar on History of Taiwan Territorial Society and Cultural Development, Seminar on Ching Dynasty Taiwan, Medicine and Society in the Jistory of Taiwan, History of Taiwanese Fine Art.

"Chinese History”
includes: Chinese Ancient Medical History, Topics in Chinese Ancient History, Diplomatic History in Song Dynasty, Special Topics in Ming Dynasty, Special Topics in Qing Dynasty, Chinese Drought History, Special Topics in Chinese Art History, Special Topics of People in the Republic Era.

"World History”
includes: History of American South, European Economic Social History, Modern European Cultural History, Western Art History, Medieval Russian History, History of Twentieth Century American Foreign Relations, European history and Special Topics on people.

includes: Chinese historiography, the Historiography of the Modern China, Selective Reading of Famous Historiography literature , Marxism and Modern Chinese Historiography.

” Public History”
includes: Digital Tour of Local Literature History, Museums and Public History, Media Historiography and Cultural Space, History, News and Media.



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