• The School of Foreign Languages and Cultures aims to cultivate outstanding talents with expertise in foreign languages, and strives to equip students with the following core competences:
    1. foreign language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation;
    2. expertise in foreign languages and knowledge of foreign cultures and literatures;
    3. cross-cultural communicative competence;
    4. broad world vision.

  • 1. Department of English Language and Literature
    The objective of the Department of English Language and Literature is to develop students’ language ability with basic training courses focusing on practical English. The curriculum is designed to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating abilities so that they are equipped with language aptitude and specialties in related fields for future careers. The main goal of the department is to fulfill both cultural and social functions of college education with English teaching in both language and culture

  • 2. Department of Japanese Language and Culture
    The Japanese Language and Culture stresses to foster students' abilities in Japanese Language skills, deeper understanding to the Japanese culture and affairs, and also bring up students' international vision, promote the talent for the culture exchange between Taiwan and Japan.

  • 3. Department of German Language and Culture
    The Department of German Language and Culture aims to develop students’ skills of German listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. Students acquire knowledge of German culture, society, trade and economy, to expand their international view and cross-cultural cognition. For graduate program, we aim to cultivate students to be researchers in German cultural studies.

  • 4. Language Center
    We are responsible for: teaching English to all non-English majors, managing the school’s language classroom equipment, and providing various self-access foreign language learning activities.

  • 5.Global Program in Interdisciplinary Studies
    In response to the current demands for internationalization transformation and interdisciplinary learning, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures plans to provide a GPIS class for international students for the purpose of cultivating foreign talents in the field of Chinese with abilities of interdisciplinary learning. The first enrollment will be held in August, 2022. Hopefully this program will help create a new internationalized environment in the campus and improve the competitiveness of the university in the academic circle to meet the challenge of changes in global trends.




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