1. Promotion for recruiting students

    Positive interaction between the universities and high schools is an important factor of making the smooth implementation of the recommendation and selection process. When a university actively recommends itself, the university offers high school students a good reference for filling out their wishful decisions. Therefore, the promotion of the university is an important task of Admissions Division.  

(1). Organize "Understand Departments of the University”, ‘University Exposition” and other promotional activities.

(2). Preparation and editing of student recruiting introduction, and promotional materials.

(3). Arrangement of students returning to alma maters and introducing Soochow, visits from high school students and various promotional activities.

2. Planning of student recruiting strategy; overall coordination of recruiting services

(1). Formulating draft methods of recruiting students to be discussed in the academic affair meetings.

(2). According to the recruiting methods, formulation of the recruiting guideline, submission for review and decision conducted by the Student Recruitment Committee.

(3). To serve as the secretary of the Student Recruitment Committee; following the decision of the Student Recruitment Committee to perform the administrative coordination and to process student recruiting tasks.

3. Other tasks

(1). Analyzing the pros and cons of the current student recruiting channels, study of student learning effect by different recruiting channels.

(2). Overall organization of existing student recruiting examinations of the university, study of computer-aided methods to improve the system.

(3). Collection of worldwide student recruiting related information as references.

(4). Exchange opinions and communication with other related divisions outside the university.



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