Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Head Cheng-Chun Lin Portrait of   

Overall management of student recruiting and examination services

Waishuanghsi 6061 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Chao-Ming Huang Portrait of   

Visits of high schools for promotional activities, ‘University Exposition”, Visits of high schools

Waishuanghsi 6066 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Anne Lee Portrait of   

Examination and placement, student recruiting examinations

Waishuanghsi 6063 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Ming-hui Chou Portrait of   

website management, student recruiting service team

Waishuanghsi 6064 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Pei Jung Miao No picture  

Students of mainland, various statistics, student recruiting examinations

Waishuanghsi 6067 Email Address  
Staffer Steffie Tsai Portrait of   

Student recruiting of foreign students, foreign born Chinese, physically disabled students, and students of outstanding athletic performance

Waishuanghsi 6068 Email Address  
Staffer Ko-Yin PAN Portrait of   

Admission by recommendation and screening, high school strategic alliance, student recruiting examinations

Waishuanghsi 6065 Email Address  
Staffer Ying-Chu Chu Portrait of   

addition and adjustment of school and departmental bachelor-degree programs, Advanced Placement, student recruiting examinations

Waishuanghsi 6069 Email Address  


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