Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Distinguished Professor and Head of Department Sun, Chia-Hung Portrait of Teacher 「Sun, Chia-Hung」 Ph.D. in Economics, National Taipei University Regional Economics, Industrial Organization
Distinguished Professor Fu, Tsu-tan Portrait of Teacher 「Fu, Tsu-tan」 Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia, USA Applied Econometrics, Efficiency and productivity analysis, Industrial Economics
Distinguished Professor Chiu, Yung-Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Chiu, Yung-Ho」 Ph. D. in Economics, University of Mississippi, USA Industrial Economics, Efficiency and productivity analysis
Distinguished Professor Tao, Hung-Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Tao, Hung-Lin」 Ph. D. in Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, USA Applied Economics, Econometrics
Distinguished Professor Shieh, Jhy-yuan Portrait of Teacher 「Shieh, Jhy-yuan」 Ph. D. in Economics, National Chung-Cheng University Macroeconomics, International Finance
Professor Lin, Chin-Hsiung Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Chin-Hsiung」 Ph. D., in Economics, Fordham University, Bronx, New York City, USA Economic Methodology, International Political Economy
Associate Professor Lin, Shwu-Jen Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Shwu-Jen」 Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics, Pennsylvania State University, USA Microeconomic, Industrial Organization
Associate Professor Lin, Yu-Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Yu-Chen」 Ph.D. in Economics, Indiana University -- Bloomington, USA Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Associate Professor Christos Michalopoulos Portrait of Teacher 「Christos Michalopoulos」 Ph. D. in Economics, National Taiwan University Econometrics, Financial economics, Big data analysis
Associate Professor Yuan, Kuo-chih Portrait of Teacher 「Yuan, Kuo-chih」 PhD in Economics, University of Essex, England Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory


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