Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Head of the Division Cheng-Ho, Lin Portrait of   
  1. Overall supervision of tasks and services of the Procurement and Property Division.
  2. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8401 Email Address  
Vice Head of the Division Li-Hsun, Chang Portrait of   
  1. Integration of E-operations.
  2. Procurment and Property intergrated services and regulatons.
  3. Handling related Procurment and Property project and plan.
  4. Review on procurement of all divisions and violations.
  5. Procurment and Property retention case integration.
  6. Handling of subsequent operations after procurement acceptance.
  7. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8407 Email Address  
Staffer Yu-Chieh, Lin Portrait of   
  1. Procurement operation coordination and case management.
  2. Handling of financial and engineering related procurement exceeding NT$750,000.
  3. Handling of procurement less than NT$750,000 from non-six major colleges.
  4. Collection of procurement (includng thee joint procurement from seven schools).
  5. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8410 Email Address  
staffer Shing-Miao, Liu Portrait of   
  1. Procurement operation coordination and case management.
  2. Handling of procurement less than NT$750,000 applied by six colleges.
  3. Venue borrowing and planning management
  4. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8408 Email Address  
Staffer Chiu-Chen, Huang Portrait of   
  1. Management of moveable property at Waishuanghsi Campus and libraries at both campuses:(1) Addition of real estste(2) Arrangement oof moveable property related information and reports in accordance with internal audit, Ministry of Education, and annual CPA auditing(3) Process all university property insurance and submit license taxes.
  2. Management of property at Waishuanghsi Campus. (1) Property accounting management and equipment maintenance(2) Warehouse management and related operations.
  3. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8409 Email Address  
Staffer Yue-Hmai, Lin Portrait of   
  1. Other administrative matters of the division.(1)Compilation of information for meetings (internal meetings, division meetings, administrative meetings, general affair meetings, school affair meetings, and board of directors) and extraordinary meetings, question collection, and meeting managemen.(2)Process of electronic official documents and transfer of university internal documents.(3)Budget integration, control and reserve.(4)Survey on the demand for part-time student workers at Waishuanghsi Campus, job allocation, and management.
  2. Mangement of various expendables (computer equipment, stationery and cleaning supplies).
  3. Management of school keys and formulation of related regulations.
  4. Change of registration under a non-profit organization
  5. Handling of payment of land tax, house tax, land value tax, and state-owned land rent, and verification and management of imputed interest on deposits
  6. Handling of land and building rent or lease contracts
  7. Management of space planning commission building plans at both campuses.
  8. Planning and management of building P and Q.
  9. Management of school building floor plans (including floor plan modifying) at both campuses.
  10. Handling of An Su Hall safety management commission (including landscaping and environmental supervision).
  11. Operations relating to Personal Information Protection Act.
  12. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8403 Email Address  
Staffer Hsiu-Hua, Fang Portrait of   
  1. Expansion of lands of both campuses
  2. Registration and management information of all university land and buildings
  3. Arrangement of movable property related information and reports in accordance with internal audit, Ministry of Education, and annual CPA auditing
  4. Application and maintenance management of guest house.
  5. Application and maintenance managementof teachers, staffs houses.
  6. Academic costume rental management.
  7. Planning and rent of dormitory bedding.
  8. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 8406 Email Address  
Staffer Yi-Hsuan,Huang Portrait of   
  1. Management and maintenance of Song-yi concet hall.
  2. Survey on the demand for part-time student workers at Song-yi concet hall,job allocation and management.
  3. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 5711 Email Address  
Staffer Tsui-Fang, Hsu Portrait of   
  1. Registration and management of tangible property at the Downtown Campus
  2. Management of tangible property at the Downtown Campus(1)Property accounting management and equipment maintenance(2)Warehouse management and related operations
  3. Distribution of consumable items and warehouse management of the Downtown Campus
  4. Downtown Campus facility rental service
  5. lending of residence hall keys of the Downtown Campus
  6. Service of academic costume rental at the Downtown Campus
  7. Part time student workers at Downtown campus management.
  8. Other related tasks.
Downtown 2424 Email Address  
Special Janitor Yu-Lan, Chung Portrait of   
  1. Maintenance of family and individual guesthouses.
  2. Assistance in arrangement of office space, rent, recycling, and storage of dormitory bedding, and rent and storage of academic costumes.
  3. Other related tasks.
Waishuanghsi 7864 Email Address  


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