There are three research divisions in our center that are Business Risk Management, Performance Evaluation, as well as Cultural and Creative Design and Evaluation. Our main research topics include risk management, performance evaluation, as well as development and evaluation of cultural and creative industry. We hope to combine research resources to promote inter-department and inter-discipline research activities internally as well as develop school partnership and international exchange externally to response the target of inter-discipline integration. We would like to aggregate current professors at school of business, accounting, economics, business administration, financial engineering and actuarial math, international trade and information, and psychology department in Soochow University to research topics relevant to risk management. In addition, convenient platform comprised of industry and academics is proposed to integrate every team of business risk and performance management consultant, researcher, and assistant so that relevant information can be supplied for each industry and business through our contact window.
Business Research and Development Center
Address: R4102, 1F, 4th Building, Downtown Campus
Telephone: 886-2-23111531 ext. 2892, 2893, 2894
Fax: 886-2-23830079


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