Combing the studies of technology, information, application analysis and services, the center is founded to facilitate the study of big data analysis, promote the professional training of big data analysis, strengthen the interdisciplinary talent training for big data analysis and build up the international academic exchange. Through the establishment of the center, we can combine research human resources from all expertise to increase the research capability

Mission Statement of the Center:

1.Facilitate the study of big data analysis

2.Build up the international academic exchange

3.Promote the professional training of big data analysis

4.Strengthen the interdisciplinary talent training for big data analysis

5.Plan and execute the big data analysis class curriculum

6.Push forward other affairs that pertain to big data analysis.


Research and Development Direction

Initial research direction of the center focusing on finding industry collaboration will not limit to analysis research. The center will strived on industry-academic cooperation after using industry basis of big data analysis as foundation for research purpose. This will help the industry to discover more information meanings and values. Initial goal will be set on the research and analysis of financial investment, consumer behaviors, and operational risks. If theories could be successfully applied to the actual analysis at the very beginning, this would help boost organizations in need of big data analysis to gladly collaborate with the center. In this way, more students and teachers could participate in research and build the industry-academic collaboration in order to cultivate talents that possess the capability of both forming models and hands-on application. 


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