(The Instructional Technology Division)

Office: Room D0520, Second Teaching and Research Building, Wai Shuang Hsi Campus

(Office HoursMon-Fri am8:00~pm5:00, Summer Vacation: Mon-Thr am8:00~pm4:00)


Phone number02-28819471 Ext 5831

Email: dit@scu.edu.tw


Our mission is to promote instructional technology so that teachers can use as their teaching tool. Educational technology develops fast. How to keep up with trend and adapt our teaching methods to conform the student's growing environment has become a global concern.  Instructional Technology Division provides assistance to help teachers on tech issues as well as provide training programs. Our services include remote classroom, MOOCs, flip classroom, file transcoding, video recording equipment loan, and many other technical supports. We welcome you to come and find yourself a different teaching world.


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