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Program of Technology Management, School of Business

About the Program of Technology Management

Through the trend and the development of globalization, informationization and cyberization, the world has changed from the traditional capital and labor- based economy to innovative knowledge-based economy. For this reason, the integration of technology, innovation and cross-field knowledge play a crucial role in the competition of industry and the economic development. Therefore, it is the imperative goal for the business school and education of management to strengthen the connection among different departments to equip students with different professional capabilities and knowledge, cultivating the professional talents of technology management. Under this circumstance, the Program of Technology Management was established in August 2002 and it has enrolled students of Soochow University and any other Universities to take the program.


Mission Statement

The Program of Technology Management aims to integrate the courses related to technology, economics, management, finance, law and information. The purpose is to cultivate students to possess global views, independent thinking, economical knowledge, innovative concepts and technological application. By establishing the program, we expect students can fulfill the requirements of knowledge workers in the 21st century, and become the multi-disciplinary experts on technology management who have global competitiveness.


Development Direction and Features

1) Imparting Basic Managerial Knowledge

To face the era of knowledge-based economy, a professional business expert must be equipped with the knowledge of statistics, accounting, economics, management, and innovation. Therefore, this program integrates related knowledge and skills into one set of curriculum for students to have both the competences of business management and knowledge integration.

2) Training Innovative Capability

Due to the requirement of industrial upgrading, it is an emphasis of universities’ education to cultivate talents to have innovative and creative capabilities. This curriculum focuses on the innovation of technological knowledge and thinking, which could particularly strengthen the students’ skills to collect and extract information. Students’ innovation could also be improved through the interaction with teachers.

3) Broadening the International Viewpoints

The 21st century is the era of globalization and transnational operation. Students must possess global views to compete with others in the world. The plan for this curriculum and activities focuses on the introduction of transnational experience, cultivates the abilities of multicultural management and establishes the thinking of globalization and localization.

4) Integrating Interdisciplinary Theories and Practical Experiences

In addition to training the students’ innovation, the curriculum also concentrates on the integration of theory and practical experiences. Aside from the theory of different fields, the courses of case studies, industrial visits and database system operation are also offered.


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