Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Professor, Dean and Chairperson JENG, GUNG-YEU Portrait of   

Related affairs of the School of Law, external partnerships and academic conferences

Downtown 2521 Email Address  
Professor, Associate Dean CHUANG, YUNG-CHENG Portrait of   

Related affairs of the Master’s and PhD programs of the School of Law

Downtown 3506 Email Address  
Associate Professor, Associate Chairperson Shin-Yi Serena Huang Portrait of   

Related affairs of undergraduate program of the School of Law

Downtown 2491 Email Address  
Secretary Chien-Yu CHEN Portrait of   

Undergraduate program and other related issues, Course Selection System set-up maintenance and course selection related affairs, property management of the Law School, Graduates Research Platform related affairs and Course Evaluation Survey related affairs.

Downtown 2515 Email Address  
Secretary Hung-Shu CHEN Portrait of   

Administrative and external related affairs of the School of Law, overseas agreements signing, overseas exchange programs, lectures and seminars related affairs, organizing academic exchanges and international academic meetings, organizing election of the committee members and the dean and director of the Law School, financial management and donation related affairs, Alumni Association related affairs, report preparation of the administrative and academic meetings, press release for the University Journal and the biannual Alumni Journal.

Downtown 2521 Email Address  
Secretary Yen-Hsueh LAI Portrait of   

Course arrangement, Curriculum related affairs, instructor recruitment, Teacher Evaluation Committee related affairs, Mr. Zhang Xiaotz Foundation related affairs.

Downtown 2491 Email Address  
Secretary Yeh-Wei KUO Portrait of   

Undergraduate Program admissions and transfer examination related affairs, foreign students recruitment, academic development planning and annual evaluation related affairs, compilation of the department calendar, assisting the Assistant Professor on the compilation of various school activity reports, co-organize and execute legal, organizational, spatial planning and the Teacher Incentive Committee.

Downtown 2511 Email Address  
Secretary Hsin-Jung HSU Portrait of   

Admissions and Curriculum of Professional Legal students (Ph.D. programs, Graduate Programs, LL.M. & Part-time Graduate Programs). Qualifying Examination and Degree Exam (including Ph.D. Academic Progress Review), Law school scholarships and TA application, Contact window between Limo Veracity Foundation of Legal Studies and School of Law, Editing and Publishing of SOOCHOW LAW REVIEW and SOOCHOW GRADUATE SCHOOL LAW REVIEW, Administrative issues in exchange of Cross-Strait journals.

Downtown 3506 Email Address  
Teaching Assistant Ching-Yi WEN Portrait of   

Affairs related to the class of 3A,3B,3C,3D,5A,5B,5C,5D, including the transferred students consulting, dual major, minor and foreign students related affairs, Public Law Research Center and seminars related affairs, publishing of the Public Law Review, Law School Chinese and English debate team consulting, Law camp consultant for high school students, Master’s and PhD Thesis management, borrowing registration and part-timer management of the Aerospace Science Research Center and Underground Library and the Department Office.

Downtown 2514 Email Address  
Teaching Assistant Ting-Yi PAN Portrait of   

Affairs related to the class of 4A,4B,4C,4D, including the transferred students consulting, dual major, minor and foreign students related affairs, Organizing seminar, training and consulting session for Chinese students and professors of Law, overseas exchange program related affairs, accounting for the Department and School of Law

Downtown 2510 Email Address  


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