★Date of Establishment

SCU WTO Law Research Center was founded on 17 October 2007, after the motion of the extraordinary university meeting. It is an official school-based research center.



WTO was established in 1995, which symbolized a milestone of the development of international trade and legal system. With many years of effort, Taiwan joined WTO in 2002. To fulfill the needs and to enrich the research ability, we founded SCU WTO Law Research Center, based on SCU Research center establishment assessment. To reach the following purposes:

1. To organize the curriculum of WTO lectures and further education.
2. To promote the researches of the issues of WTO multilateral/bilateral economic and trade.
3. To participate in researches plans of WTO laws and provide consulting services.
4. Enhance the professional training for the task of WTO dispute measures.
5. Popularize the personnel training of WTO International economic and trade affairs.
6. To spread the international academic exchanges.
7. To advance all other affairs refer to WTO researches.


WTO Law Research Center strives to conduct researches on the interpretations and applications of WTO agreements, WTO dispute settlement procedure and case studies, and the researches of economic, trade and legal issues from the important members of WTO (e.g. US, EU etc.). We provide the study’s results as references for government department, though those basic and prospective topics. And this actual contribution also both inspires the views of academia and industry. Furthermore, when all countries value the important development of WTO related topics, we can become an academic platform for the exchange of both domestic and international WTO researches.

★ Contact Information:

Address:No.56, Sec. 1, Kueiyang St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Email: wto@scu.edu.tw


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