Measures of Subsidy for Foreign Language Proficiency Test and Professional Certificates in 2021 Academic Year

  1. Two Types of Foreign Language Proficiency Test Subsidy: (NT$300 for each type)
    1. Those who pass the graduation requirements on English language: Above GEPT Elementary Level, Above 730 on TOEIC, or Above 61 on iBT or IELT 5.0.
      • For those who achieve 900 or above on TOEIC, their registration fee are fully subsidized.
    2. Above level 3 on Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  2. Two Types of Professional Certificates:
    (Each type is subsidized with NT$500 – NT$1,000 according to the Soochow University’s Professional Certification Classification List of the Excellence Program)
    1. International Trade Certification Examination
    2. Financial professional certificate: Internal control and audit of bank, wealth management specialist, primary credit officer, and primary FX specialist
      **The general knowledge of financial market and professional ethics (cancelled from 2018 academic year)**

For filing application, please bring along student ID, all the required certificates, transcript to the department office of Department of international business.
Each student of Department of International Business is only eligible to apply for subsidy on foreign language proficiency test and professional certificate once each in a year.

Contact: Teaching Assistant Wang, Cheng-chung, at extension of 2711

Language Proficiency, Professional Certificates, and Internship Subsidy


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