Soochow University Bachelor Students "Information Capacity” Verification Mechanism and Contingency Measures

                                                      Approved at 2013 the 1st semester Academic Affairs Meeting (2013.11.27)

Information capacity verification mechanism and contingency measures for new students enrolled in 2014 are as follows. Students in our university who complete any of the following assessment phases means that they has passing information capacity verification in our university.

Assessment Stage

Waiving Method

Types of Verification

Contingency Measures and Relevant Description



Choose one for waiving

Earn at least 4 (and including) credits of information relevant courses in senior high school.

At the first semester of enrollment, students must submit transcripts of academic record from senior high school.

At least obtain one of the following information professional certificates:

1. ITE (Information Technology Equipment)

2. Level C technician for computer software application

3. Level B technician for computer software application

4. Equivalent to national examination, and approved by "Information Curriculum Planning Group”.

Submit professional certificate within the extended study years.

Took the module that is planned by the department or university-wide elective, and is approved by "Information Curriculum Planning Group” of relevant "information” related module with approval grades.

"Information” related courses must be approved within the extended study years with approval grades.

Phase Two

For those who fail to pass the verification on phase one

Need to earn 2 credits of "information remedial/ reinforcement course” approved by "Information Curriculum Planning Group”, and pass the course. The credits earned will not be calculated into graduation credits.

Information capacity graduation standards must be passed within the extended study years.

Description: Verification of "Information capacity” for the students in Department of Computer Science and Information Management will be decided by the department.


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