Soochow University 2014 Bachelor Students "Aesthetic Education Activities”

Graduation Standards Waiving Description


Produced by General Education Center

Graduation standards are as follows:

Applicable To


Verification Time

Waiving Description

Operation Procedure

Bachelor Students who enrolled after (and including)   2014 academic year

Students must attend at least 4 aesthetic education activities or artistic and cultural activities that held by the relevant units in our university within the extended study years before they can graduate.

Within the extended study years.

1.  Artistic and cultural activities that are recognized as aesthetic education activities graduation standards will be based on the information on the bulletin on General Education Center's website. Each of the activities will be registered on line from our "e-Campus system”.

2.  After the activity, the hosts will log in the names of the students who participate from the beginning to the end as the proof of attendance.

3.  Those who complete 4 certified activities hosted by our university will pass aesthetic education activities graduation standards.

1.  Check the activities recognized as aesthetics education activities graduation standards: please visit the website of General Education Center and click "graduation standards” on the top, then click "certified activities” under the left side of "aesthetic education activities” to check the activities that are approved by Aesthetic Education Activity Guiding Group which is published by General Education Center.

2.  Activity registration: go to our "e-Campus system” à Please check all the activities with "aesthetic education activities graduation standards” on top of the activity nameà register online

3.  On the activity day: please bring student ID card with you for examining and leave your signature at the hosts counter (or sign in/ off, or roll call...etc.) to make sure you have attended the activity.

4.  Check and confirm the activity verification: students can log in "e-Campus system” two weeks after the activity to confirm the status of verification. If there is any doubt, please contact undertaker of the hosts.

Regulation referred: "Soochow University Students Aesthetic Education Activities Policy”


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