Soochow University Measures of Aesthetic Education Activities

Approved by the 3rd Common Education Council in 1st semester in school year 101, 09 Jan. 2013

Approved by the Council on Academic Affairs in 2nd semester in school year 101, 15 May 2013

Revised 3rd article by the Council on Academic Affairs in 1st semester in school year 102, 27 Nov. 2013


  1. These measures are regulated to encourage students to participate in art activities gaining living and rich aesthetic experience and enhance awareness and knowledge of arts for life development.

  2. These measures subject to students in bachelor degree programs who's enrollment is after (including) school year 103.

  3. "Aesthetic Activityis listed in requirement of graduation. Students have to attend at least 4 campus art activities before the end of extended study period.


  4. To ensure performance of aesthetic activities, the "Aesthetic Activity Guide Team is organized under Common Education Committee in charge of implement of related affairs, audit of activities, and regulation of organization and operation which is operated by General Education Center.


  5. Students are able to attend aesthetic activities held by divisions in Soochow University since their enrollment. The attendance of activities have to be counted and approval by Aesthetic Activity Guide Team.


  6. Type of activities:
    i. Related a
    esthetic activities such as General Education Seminar, General Education Extended Study held by General Education Center.
    ii. Related a
    esthetic activities held by You Yi Plaza, divisions or authorized units operated by Soochow University.

  7. Registration and login procedure:
    i. Use "E-Campus System of Soochow University for registration.
    ii. After the activity, the organizer logins and enters the list of students who attend the whole activity on "E-Campus System.
    Students who attend 4 campus art activities and get approval will gain qualification as "Passed, yet student who failed to acquire the qualification should attend required number of activities to get the approval before graduation.

  8. The Measures are approved and revised by Common Education Committee and Academic Affairs Council and put into effect after approval by the President.


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