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Program of Finance, School of Business 

About the Program of Finance

Facing the global competition, financial professionals are increasingly demanded in Taiwan. Highly integration of humanities and technology are required in areas like financial innovation, financial information systems and financial risk management, including the adjustment for the features of different society regions. Meeting financial professionals’ demand, we established the Program of Finance in School of Business in August, 2002. Since 2006, we have opened to students who are from other schools or study in other universities to cultivate more outstanding financial professionals with academic and practical knowledge.

Mission Statement

In order to meet the growing needs of professionals in financial market, the Program of Finance offers fundamental financial knowledge with incorporation of courses in financial innovation, financial information systems and risk management. The program also conducts relevant research and teaching and offers training for students to involve in the research of financial matters to become financial professionals.

Development Directions and Features 

A. Focusing on Integration and Innovation of Finance

In recent years, the development of financial field integrates economics, accounting, statistics and business mathematics. Moreover, it focuses on numbers of new theories and applications in response to practical necessities. By taking this program, students from business department will have opportunities to consolidate what they have learned and understand the limitations and compatibility among these fields. In addition to broadening students’ professional perspectives, our courses are eminently conducive to students in their future career. Meanwhile, although many financial departments have been established in Taiwan, there are some spaces should be developed. The focus of our program is the discussion on innovation, risk management, and financial information system which are rapidly progressing nowadays and that is the reason why our program is so original and innovative.

B. Integrating Regulation, Theory and Practice

Financial field put much stress on practice. Owing to complicated models of deep mathematics in financial theories, students seldom pay attention to solving problem practically. We design our program by integrating principle, practice and theory in order to make graduate students have not only proficiency in practical matters but also capability of independent thinking and problem-solving.

C. Laying Stress on Both Localization and Globalization

Although the financial markets in Taiwan have been internationalized, some local financial issues that cannot be solved by theories in foreign textbooks neither included nor explained completely. Therefore, many local financial issues are included in curriculums expected to promote domestic theories and development of practice.

D. Highlighting Issues of Risk Management

Risk management which emphasizes the effect of global competition for financial industry has been well developed. The emphasis of our program is on the variety of financial risk such as relevant regulations, risk assessment and management strategy. Students are expected to possess the ability of risk assessment and financial risk outlook. 



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