The School offers program courses that focus on international and multi-dimensional perspectives, and invites guest lecturers from China and other international institutions. We also offer international and cross-strait business and finance courses, leading our students in discussion and participation in class, and encouraging independent thinking and better communications.

The School also engages in international academic exchanges and collaborates with well-esteemed institutions, such as Thunderbird School of Global Management, Tohoku University, Niigata University, IÉSEG School of Management, the University of Groningen, and SolBridge International School of Business, offering different combinations of joint-dual degrees or student exchange programs. Through these programs, we aim to develop the students’ international perspective and broaden their vision of global business and finance.

  We offer student exchange programs and joint-dual studies, including:

  1. .      Thunderbird School of Global Management 
  2. .    The University of Groningen
  3. .     IÉSEG School of Management
  4. .     Tohoku University
  5. .     Niigata University ( International CenterGraduate School of Modern Society & Culture )
  6.       Saitama University    
  7.       SolBridge International School of Business


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